Renata Bicalho


Hello you!

Allow me to introduce myself.
I’m a work in progress. Passionate about learning new things, books – reading and writing, yoga, flowers, nature, traveling, meeting new people, learning new languages, and… chocolate!

I’m a proud mom of two young men: one of them on his way to another country to attend college and pursue his dream, and the other one still at home with me and my husband, in his last years of high school.

Yeah.. you probably guessed right! The empty nest syndrome is the wave I’m surfing at the moment. And raising teens is not a piece of cake!

I was born and raised in Brazil, graduated from high school in the USA, and went back to Brazil for my college degree. As a lawyer, I’ve worked for many years on the field, but thanks to my husband’s carrier, I was able to open my mind and heart to new cultures and new passions, since we’ve lived for many years in Italy, and we’re currently leaving in Costa Rica!

I’m incredibly grateful for these opportunities to follow my passion for learning, dropping the world of Laws and embracing the world of photography, yoga, reiki, Bach Flowers, and my last adventure, becoming a writer. Even though I’ve had professional training and a certificate in all of the areas above, I like to consider myself an amateur photographer, amateur certified yoga teacher, amateur reiki practitioner, amateur Bach Flower practitioner, amateur writer, and amateur mom of two boys. They might be taller than me, but they will always be my boys!

I’m back to this blog, previously created to share some of my gigs as a photographer years ago, but now to share with you my new discoveries about all of the things I’m passionate about!

So, if you like art, be it books, drawings, photography, music…; if you like yoga; if you’re interested in learning a little about the power of energy, both reiki and the energy of the flowers and how it can influence our wellbeing; or, if you’d like to hear a little about my experience as a teenagers mom and newby empty nester, Please join me on this incredible adventure!

Welcome to my blog!

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