Renata Bicalho


Chloe’s Garden

A girl and her dolls go on amazing adventures. An elephant, a cat, fireflies and glowing fish complete this enchanting story about overcoming fears, having the courage to make our dreams come true, the joy of being able to help our friends and the wonderful habit of gratitude.

Very inspiring

The book is very inspiring. A beautiful story about love, friendship and freedom. It is a great option of reading of parents and children. Well done to the author.

There still good stories writers out there!!

A small compendium of perfect timing stories to entertain the kids, with good values and life lessons, for sure a must to have in anyone’s collection!

A lovely inspiring book !

I highly recommend Chloe’s Garden because not only was it dedicated to children, but You’ll be surprised on how much (as an Adult) this book is delightfully inspiring. This book makes a perfect gift to any child looking for an adventurous and lovely reading journey. Chloe brings the best of your inner child to sing and dance in the sunlight again.

I give the book and the writer 5 stars!

Inspiring for both kids and adults

My two daughters and I love this book! It is very inspiring as well as entertaining. Easy to read and beautifully written, every story teaches a lesson and shows the concept of gratitude, so important today.

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