Renata Bicalho


A toast to first times! First times are wonderful! I love finding new opportunities to experience first times, because they make me feel alive, they make my inner child happy and they bring new sparkles to my eyes! This year I had the chance to have two short stories published in a book. My first time published! I can’t tell you how happy it made me feel, being amongst 37 other amazing women from different countries, all together on the same project, writing for a Women’s Anthology. It would be too long to name all of the 37, but I’d like to mention my closest companions on this adventure: Mireya Noboa, Claudia Trednick, Francisca Toro, Eiling Dias, Isa, and Monique Giustiniani. Love you all, ladies! We all had the guidance and coaching of a brilliant woman, Aurelia Valentina Dobles. Aurelia is the teacher of “Talleres de Escritura Magica”, Workshops of Magic Writing, and that’s exactly what she does. She teaches us how to get in touch with the Source of Creativity, and to allow the magic to happen when we touch a pen in the notebook. I am incredibly grateful for having the chance to be one of Aurelia’s students, and to learn from such a wise and strong woman! We are in Costa Rica and she teaches in Spanish, so if you’d like to learn more about her and you speak the language (she teaches in person or online), there goes the link to her facebook page and contact.