Renata Bicalho




. a long time away from posts,

. moving to another country,

. a Yoga Teacher Training,

. a Reiki certification,

. a Bach Flowers certification,

. attending an Eckhart Tolles’s mindful presence week training,

. having two short stories published in a Spanish book of Women Anthology,

. writing and publishing my first children’s book,

. a quarantine of more than 3 months and that’s still in place because of a pandemic,

. my oldest son’s high school graduation,

among many other adventures, I’m back to blogging!

I’ve decided to share with you the many things I’ve been learning, studying, doing, seeing, reading, writing and experiencing!

I’ll be posting about those subjects mentioned above, and I’ll add an extra item: delicious desert recepies with chocolate!

I hope you enjoy!

Stay safe, inhale love and exhale gratitude !! 🙂

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